Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) Down – June 25th 2014

“Is PSN down?” There are widespread reports of Sony’s Playstation Network “PSN” being down / offline as users claim to be unable to connect. Users are hoping that this outage is not a repeat of the events in April 2011 when the PSN outage lasted over 3 weeks in result of a hack. User data was reported to be compromised.


UPDATE: Playstation Network status has been updated to note: “The PlayStation Network is currently: Experiencing Connectivity Issues.” on Playstation support forums.

UPDATE 2: Playstation Network should now be back online for users. Reports from users indicate that they CAN log in and connect successfully.


Have you been effected by the PSN connection issues? We want to hear about it!

Users are now required to pay a subscription fee to Playstation’s “Playstation Plus” to access online games & extra features on the Playstation 4.

The website displayed a huge spike in reported connection problems with Sony’s Playstation Network as of today, June 25th, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 21.05.05

PSN users are also taking to the Twittersphere with tweets asking the common question: “is PSN down?”.’

Have you been effected by the PSN connection issues? We want to hear about it!


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@azurking told us:

@PETEtheBLUE1878 reports his PSN is down in England:


@EthanBenard from the US reports in to @ObviouslyTech:

@JamesShreves tweeted us upset asking Sony to “take a page from Microsoft’s book and sort it out”. It’s not the only tweet of this nature that we’ve seen comparing PSN to Xbox Live but we’ve also seen people defending PSN and Sony.

@badget_84 told us that this is “typical”:

Join the conversation by tweeting @ObviouslyTech with the hashtag #PSN and #PSNdown!


General tweets published towards the beginning of the PSN connection issueL








Hopefully these connection issues are not tied with any malicious activities and are resolved shortly.



As UPDATE 2 notes above, PSN should now be back online for users.


Sony Vegas Pro 13 Released – New Features

Sony Creative Software have announced and released Sony Vegas Pro 13 for sale! After speculation over the release date in 2013 (here and here), the new version of the world-renowned video editing software Sony Vegas Pro has been announced and is already available for purchase, in both the form of digital download and physical copy.

Don’t forget, if you have an existing copy of Vegas you can upgrade for a fraction of the price!

Sony Vegas Pro 13 can now be purchased in 3 separate configurations (at 3 different price points):

  1. Vegas Pro 13 Edit: Video and Audio Production ($399.95)
  2. Vegas Pro 13: Video, Audio and Blu-ray Disc Creation ($599.95)
  3. Vegas Pro 13 Suite: Editing, Disc Authoring and Visual Effects ($799)

Let's have a look at the new features.

  • Vegas Pro Connect: is an iPad app that “replaces tedious written spreadsheets and notes with efficient online and offline review workflows”. This app has been designed to allow several people who are working together on a project to improve their collaborative performance.
  • Proxy-first workflow: Your camera-man can shoot XDCAM footage and use a Sony Wireless Adapter to send proxies to the cloud. Then, using Vegas, video editors can download and edit with the proxies while the high-resolution files are in transit from the field. When the high-resolution files arrive, automatically relink the edited project to them for rendering.
  • Project Archiving: You can now archive the media associated with your project, or just the media used on the timeline, including nested Vegas Pro 13 projects. This feature will be a useful tool to avoid issues when editing a project with moved/missing files.
  • New video plug-ins: What would Vegas be without some video FX? Videos from FXHOME have been integrated directly into Vegas Pro 13.
  • NewBlueFX Video Essentials VI: This package features 100 presets in 10 sophisticated plugins to enhance your project in the VFX area.
  • XAVC Intra MXF smart render: Dramatically reduce render times when using XAVC Intra MXF render templates.
  • iZotope Nectar Elements: This plug-in performs one-click voice/narration signal and effects processing. You can choose specific style presets like “Voice Over” or “Dialogue” and adjust other controls to customize your sound.
  • Loudness meters updated
  • Multi-tool paradigm: Tools that you frequently use within Vegas are organized in a pop-up menu located directly below the timeline. This aims to provide fast-access to your favorite tools for a more fluid editing experience.

The embedded video below is an in-depth look at some of the new features in Sony Vegas Pro 13: 

Vegas Pro 13 Family Comparison



We haven’t spotted any video trailer for the new release of Sony Vegas Pro 13 which is unusual. Usually we see a short 2 minute trailer showing off the features that the new version of Vegas is bringing to the table. Maybe we’ll see one in the future, or maybe the software will speak for itself.

What do you think of Sony Vegas Pro 13? Are you going to upgrade? What do you think of the new features? Let us know below!

Will Sony Vegas Pro 13 receive a Release Date in 2013?

When will Sony Vegas Pro 13 be granted a release date? Will it even be announced this year?

Sony Creative Software (SCS) is known for releasing a new version of its popular video editing software Sony Vegas Pro regularly. As we noted in an article in August, we thought that SCS would be announcing Sony Vegas Pro 13 at IBC in September of 2013. The reason we had this speculation was that in the past 4 years we have seen a new version of Sony Vegas Pro.

UPDATE: Sony Vegas Pro 13 was announced on April 7th 2014. Find out more!

Below is the table displaying information regarding the release dates of previous versions of Vegas Pro.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 was announced on September 7th 2012 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

Release Date: November 9th, 2012

Sony Vegas Pro 11 was announced on September 9th 2011 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

Release Date: October 17th, 2011

Sony Vegas Pro 10 was announced on September 10th 2010 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

Release Date: October 11th, 2010

Sony Vegas Pro 9 was released on 11 May 2009.

Release Date: May 11th, 2009


As noted in the table above, Sony Vegas Pro 10, 11 and 12 were all announced at the IBC Show in September of 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively. However, as the days of IBC 2013 passed there was no sign of Sony Vegas Pro 13. Does this mean that we won’t see a new version of Sony Vegas Pro this year?

It’s hard to say. SCS have announced the previous 3 versions of Sony Vegas Pro at IBC. However, in previous years the new versions of the software were announced on different dates at different times. Just because SCS did not mention Sony Vegas Pro 13 at IBC 2013 does not mean that we will not hear an announcement regarding a release date for the new software before the end of this year.

Could there be another reason behind a delayed announcement, such as the hope that Sony Vegas will make it’s way to Mac as we speculated about last years release? Could it be because of the fact that this would be the first version of Sony Vegas Pro to be created for Windows 8?

If we do not hear an announcement by the end of November, we think that SCS will not announce a new version until next summer. If that was the case, that would break the recent cycle of releases which provides us with a new version of Sony Vegas Pro each year.

What do you think? Is Sony Creative Software simply holding off until a later date for the announcement? Or do you think that we won’t see a new version of the software until next year? Let us know!

Here’s an overview of last years trailer for Sony Vegas Pro 12: