Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) Down – June 25th 2014

“Is PSN down?” There are widespread reports of Sony’s Playstation Network “PSN” being down / offline as users claim to be unable to connect. Users are hoping that this outage is not a repeat of the events in April 2011 when the PSN outage lasted over 3 weeks in result of a hack. User data […]

How to Download Instagram Videos Tutorial

First we had demand to download Vine Videos, now we have demand to download Instagram videos. So, how do you download a video from Instagram on your computer? Actually, it’s quite simple! The process of downloading a video from Instagram depends slightly on your browser. Below, I go through how to download an Instagram video […]

How to Download Vine Videos on your Computer – Windows & Mac

Downloading a Vine Video from your computer is very simple and if you don’t know how, here’s how you can do it in a matter of seconds! Using  the Google Chrome Browser Open the Vine video in Google Chrome. (You can usually find the link from the users Twitter feed.) Right click on the […]

Watch US Netflix / Hulu for FREE Outside of the US on your PC!

How to watch US Netflix outside of the US for free!

How To Download Songs From Soundcloud is a very popular website used primarily by Artists to showcase their work, but is also used my non-artists to share audio files on the internet. When uploading a file you have the option to make it available for download. If an artist does this, the file can easily be downloaded via the download […]

Google vs Apple

Arguably the two most powerful tech companies in the world, Apple and Google, have evolved over the years and have come to the point where they have developed new operating systems, killer new hardware and the newest of all, the cloud services that tie everything together. When buying products from either you have the obvious […]

Google Drive vs the rest

Google Drive finally launched  after much speculation as to whether the project by Google was actually real or not. There has been talk about it since early 2006, and 6 years later Google decided to release. Since the day of launch I’ve been using it as a direct replacement to Dropbox. Google instantly released the […]