Stay safe online with 1Password

The topic of online security is more important than ever nowadays. Recently, the very popular business oriented social network LinkedIn was hacked and almost 6.5 million users’ passwords were posted onto a Russian hacking website. In the same week, eHarmony, the online dating site also got hacked. Events like these happen quite often now and […]

Cinema 4D R13 Tutorial: Making 3D Text

The first and foremost thing that all people want to learn how to do in a 3D program…making 3D text. There are two ways to create 3D text” using a MoGraph Text Object and a text spline/extrude nurbs. They both serve the same general purpose. The text spline is just for 3D text, no more. […]

Sony Vegas Pro: FREE Color Correcting Plug-in and Presets

Welcome to Free Vegas Plugins, Episode 2! Today we’re going to be looking at a free plug-in for Vegas that can be used in color correcting and also 14 free color correcting presets from and 3 other free color correcting presets. The first color presets we’re going to be looking at are from […]

Sony Vegas Pro 12 | New Features we want on Release Date!

Sony Vegas Pro has become an editing program renowned by professionals, a program that can be used by the family video editor at home to edit together those old family films with ease, or at a video studio by a professional video editor who creates his work to perfection. Well, it’s been almost 10 months […]


One of the most important aspects of animation and 3D modeling is video quality…right? Now since Cinema 4D is a CPU intensive program when exporting, it’s important to know what settings are necessary in order to have a good rendering time while also retaining optimal video quality. In this video, I’ll walk you through on […]

Loading Progress Bar Intro / Effect – Sony Vegas Tutorial

I got a request during the week (from YouTube user “leshengshun”) to create a “Loading Bar” effect / intro / clip / whatever you’d like to call it. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea so I gave it a shot! The intro can add to the video and can fit in well in […]

FVP #1 – Direct Upload to YouTube Plug-In [Video4YouTube]

Sony Vegas is one of the worlds most popular video editing programs renowned for it’s brilliant and yet easy editing tools. However, coming with a steep price tag of $599.95 for the digital download of the newest version of Sony Vegas Pro, users are understandably reluctant to pay the further cost of extra plug-ins to […]

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Tutorial | How to Render in 1080p HD

One of the most wanted things in video editing, is superb video quality.  Today, I’ll be showing you how to render your videos in 1080p HD quality, using a custom rendering template and settings to bring your video quality to it’s max. Also, I’ll be showing you how to change slight settings to help reduce […]

VEGAS | Create a Kill Counter Effect in Sony Vegas (Pro 9, 10, 11, etc ..) !

What’s better to add to your gameplay than a “kill counter”, a small feature displayed on your video to show off your killing spree! Today I’ll be showing you how to create a simple, yet effective, kill counter effect in Sony Vegas ! The kill counter will increase each time you get a kill, giving […]

How to Create Split Screen Effect in Sony Vegas (Pro 9, 10, 11, etc..) !

A very commonly requested effect and yet a very simple effect to create, is the “Split Screen Effect”. The Split Screen Effect is simply two video clips, playing side by side simultaneously. It’s very simple to create as long as you follow the steps carefully!

VEGAS: Tips to Speed Up Rendering + Increase Performance in Sony Vegas Pro 11!

One of the most common requests from Sony Vegas users, is “how do I speed up the rendering time of my video project” or “how do I increase the performance of Sony Vegas and make the preview window less laggy?” Today, I’m going to be going over some of my favourite tips to give to […]

How to show Sony Vegas Preview on an External Monitor!

When you’re editing in Sony Vegas, it’s nice to have a setup you can work easily with. Today we’ll be going through how to use an external monitor, which is hooked up to your laptop / PC, as a full preview screen for your Sony Vegas project!

What is OnLive?

What is OnLive you may ask? Well, I first heard about it due to the big Gamestop “fiasco” where the people over at gamestop were removing OnLive codes codes from the boxes of the game Deus Ex before resealing them and selling them on. More can be read on this here.

Sony Vegas | Sniper Scope / Binoculars Effect Tutorial ! Free Downloadable Images!

Have you ever wanted to create a video with a first person view down the sniper scope or down some binoculars like they do in Hollywood films? Well today we’re going to create a similar effect, although it’s pretty basic it can have a nice feel for your video!

Sony Vegas Render Settings For Mw3 Gameplay

Today I am going to show you how to get the best quality on YouTube when rendering footage from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in any of the Sony Vegas versions.

Dreamweaver Tutorial – Rollover Navigation Menu

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when you decide to use your own code and not copy some pre-made garbage template. In this Dreamweaver series we are going to achieve just that and create a professional looking website from the ground up. In this video we look at how you […]