For years, there have been requests from Mac users for a Mac version of Sony Vegas Pro, the video editing software. Sony Vegas has been a Windows program, but will that soon change? Up until a week ago, I would’ve said that there was only the tiniest possibility that Sony Vegas would make its move to Mac. […]

Today we’re going to be looking at a custom made “Like Button Animation Intro” in Sony Vegas (Pro 11) that I created for the use of anyone into the YouTube community! This intro involves having an image of a mouse cursor that comes up from the bottom of the screen, clicks on the YouTube like button, […]

  Today I’m going to be showing you how to create a “looking through eyes” effect, basically an effect making it look like you are looking from a persons POV (point of view) and blinking your eyelids. We’ll also add in a little blur and fade out the blur as your eyes are opening to […] is a very popular website used primarily by Artists to showcase their work, but is also used my non-artists to share audio files on the internet. When uploading a file you have the option to make it available for download. If an artist does this, the file can easily be downloaded via the download […]

“Total Recall” is a memory which has to be wiped out. Empty of meaning and emotions, without any wit or humour – it’s a never-ending action scene melted into a movie only by impressive high-tech surroundings. While there might be a few things to entertain your eyes, there’s nothing to keep you interested in a […]

I am lost for words after watching the newly released trailer for “Seven Psychopaths”.  Seven Psychopaths is an upcoming black comedy film written and directed by Martin McDonagh (director of In Bruges). The trailer boasts a promising cast, Colin Farrell (who starred in In Bruges and won a Golden Globe for his performance),  Sam Rockwell, Woody […]

Arguably the two most powerful tech companies in the world, Apple and Google, have evolved over the years and have come to the point where they have developed new operating systems, killer new hardware and the newest of all, the cloud services that tie everything together. When buying products from either you have the obvious […]

Google Drive finally launched  after much speculation as to whether the project by Google was actually real or not. There has been talk about it since early 2006, and 6 years later Google decided to release. Since the day of launch I’ve been using it as a direct replacement to Dropbox. Google instantly released the […]

The topic of online security is more important than ever nowadays. Recently, the very popular business oriented social network LinkedIn was hacked and almost 6.5 million users’ passwords were posted onto a Russian hacking website. In the same week, eHarmony, the online dating site also got hacked. Events like these happen quite often now and […]

The first and foremost thing that all people want to learn how to do in a 3D program…making 3D text. There are two ways to create 3D text” using a MoGraph Text Object and a text spline/extrude nurbs. They both serve the same general purpose. The text spline is just for 3D text, no more. […]

Welcome to Free Vegas Plugins, Episode 2! Today we’re going to be looking at a free plug-in for Vegas that can be used in color correcting and also 14 free color correcting presets from and 3 other free color correcting presets. The first color presets we’re going to be looking at are from […]

Sony Vegas Pro has become an editing program renowned by professionals, a program that can be used by the family video editor at home to edit together those old family films with ease, or at a video studio by a professional video editor who creates his work to perfection. Well, it’s been almost 10 months […]

One of the most important aspects of animation and 3D modeling is video quality…right? Now since Cinema 4D is a CPU intensive program when exporting, it’s important to know what settings are necessary in order to have a good rendering time while also retaining optimal video quality. In this video, I’ll walk you through on […]

I got a request during the week (from YouTube user “leshengshun”) to create a “Loading Bar” effect / intro / clip / whatever you’d like to call it. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea so I gave it a shot! The intro can add to the video and can fit in well in […]

Sony Vegas is one of the worlds most popular video editing programs renowned for it’s brilliant and yet easy editing tools. However, coming with a steep price tag of $599.95 for the digital download of the newest version of Sony Vegas Pro, users are understandably reluctant to pay the further cost of extra plug-ins to […]

One of the most wanted things in video editing, is superb video quality.  Today, I’ll be showing you how to render your videos in 1080p HD quality, using a custom rendering template and settings to bring your video quality to it’s max. Also, I’ll be showing you how to change slight settings to help reduce […]